The Putnams of Crescent Lake 

Meet Charles Putnam. Charles lived at Crescent lake in the late 1800's. Charles is the Great-Great Grandfather of Tom Bunicki, cottage# 60C.
 He operated a saw mill just below the site of the current dam on the east end of the lake. The waters of the lake, flowing into the Cold River provided the power needed to saw tree trunks into boards. Charles is probably also responsible for building and operating the Cold Pond House otherwise known as St. Mark's Hotel and later Crescent Lake Hotel.
In the photo to the right we see an elderly Charles Putnam sitting in a row boat on the lake. You can see the Hotel on the far shore in the

Charles Putnam 
This hotel stood on the shore of Crescent Lake from the late 1800's until probably the early 1920's when it was destroyed by fire.
The hotel stood on the site of the current home of Dick and Jane Desbien (Silver Beach) and was known as St. Marks according to the book "These Acworth Hills" . Another name for the hotel was The Cold Pond House. The hotel was owned and operated by Willard and Catherine Putnam, the Great Grandparents of our own Tom Buinicky. Willard Putnam can be seen on the porch in this photo standing beside the corner post. This photo was taken from Crescent Lake Road. A bit of the lake can be seen in the lower left of the photo.