Memories of Crescent Lake

by Ray Keating


You might say Ray Keating grew up on Crescent Lake. In the early 40's Ray's Dad, Buster Keating bought a cottage on the Unity side.  It was there that Ray spent his boyhood summers for many years to come.
 Ray's Father was the leader of a renowned orchestra during the "Big Band" era. Through the years, the band would congregate at the lake to enjoy the lake, picnic and of course play music. You can just imagine the sound of big band swing music echoing off the hills surrounding Crescent Lake.
Ray experienced the lake at a time when many of the comforts we enjoy today didn't exist. He's graciously shared some of those memories in the attached articles.
Thank you Ray for a glimpse of a simpler time at Crescent Lake.
Memories of Crescent Lake

Early Summers

A Fireman's Fire

My Friend Otis


The Road to the Lake