Photos submitted by Nancy LeBlanc 

 2010 Crescent Lake Canoe Race
Bob Mumford

 The canoe race lucked out on Labor Day weekend by dodging the previously forecast Hurricane Earl.  Since it went out to sea, all we got was a lot of wind, no rain, and no power outages. The canoe race went according to plan thanks to the behind the scenes work by many unsung heroes led by Beth Boyle and Trina Janaczek.  They did many chores you don’t know about, foremost being the supply of coffee and donuts for racers and spectators alike!!  Tim Grinaski and Dave Sloan started by laying out the bright orange buoys to mark the course (and also retrieved them and stored them after the race for next year!).     30 hearty paddlers showed up at 9:30 am to register and to be directed   by Liz Grinaski and Bob Mumford, whose hardest job seemed to be lugging enough boulders from the lakeshore to the scorer’s picnic table to keep the sign-up sheets from blowing away in the wind.Only 4 of the 5 divisions had entries, so next year see if you can encourage your young ones under 14 years of age to enter and enjoy the experience they’ll remember for many years as my daughters did.

Here are the deserving winners.  Three Cheers for all!



1. Mike Grinaski                         25:31

    Ian Grinaski

2. Kris Huttar                              26:15

    Tim Grinaski

3. Ben Colello                             27:47

    Sam Colello


          1. Bethany Coursen                     22:22

              Sheryl Yarosevich

          2. Kristin Brush                           26:57

              Jess Heide

          3. Janna Grinaski                         28:37

              Allison Lee


         1. Eric Bond                               30:32

              Courtney Bengrolatti

           2. Ashley Farmen                        32:53

               Tom Farmen

                             Adult with Child under 12

         1. Kahlia Gonzales                       22:17

               Don Gonzales

           2. Jen Bell                                    31:48

               Jamre Bell

           3. Ed Bell                                     32;30

               Sam Bell


                                     2010 Crescent Lake Kayak Race


 Kayakers- 17 strong- showed up at Silver Beach to register for the annual race at 9 am.  Since John Howe, the usual director, was out on medical leave, Liz Grinaski and Bob Mumford filled in for him.

          Here are the deserving winners in the double paddle boats.    


                             Under 12 years old


          1.  Kevin Sovak                            4;30

          2.  Alex Erwin                              5:11

                 Dawson  Erwin  


12-15 years old 

          1.  Kelly Sovak                           10:06

            2.  Ben Freeland                        10:08

                             15-54 years old

            1.  Jarrod Fong                           16:45

            2.  Grant Freeland                      16:55

            3.  Matthew Maynes                   17:00

                             55 and over

          1.  Charlie Walker                      17:25

           2.  Rich Maynes                          17:35

           3.  Mike Kahn                            17:40