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Labor Day Weekend 2019  
This years Labor Day picnic was greeted with a sunny but windy day. 300 Crescent Lake Association members, Families and friends gathered at Silver Beach to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. As always, thank you to our hosts, the Desbiens.
There were changes made to the annual basket raffle. It was decided to do a "Chinese type raffle" this year to save time. Each basket had a paper bag for tickets and participants were able to pick and choose baskets they liked. Once a ticket had been pulled from the bag, two runners delivered the baskets to the winning ticket holder. Several people won multiple times (3 and 4 baskets)!
A "Blind Canoe Race" took place during the picnic. There were 8 teams, 2 crashes and a lot of fun. Linda Kahn and Shelly Bononmo won the golden paddle.
Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make the picnic such a memorable event!
Canoe Race Bob Mumford
The annual Crescent Lake Canoe Race took place on Saturday, August 31, 2019. Under the direction of Liz Grinaski and Bob Mumford, it started promptly at 10 am.There were also 11 (ELEVEN!!) canoes, 5 more than last year!!!
The weather was perfect, sunny with a little wind. The canoeists were also able to enjoy some wildlife as they paddled- the loon families and an osprey circling overhead.
Many thanks to Tim Grinaski and Duncan Phyfe for laying out and picking up the orange buoys that marked the course.
Of course, additional thanks to Mary Beth Gilpin and her committee, especially Lorraine Dion, for providing coffee and donuts as nutrition for the racers and spectators.

Here’s a list of the deserving winners:

1. Jesse Sirkin & Sam Sirkin - 24:56
2. Chip Colello and Sam Colello . 25:07

1. Sherly Yarosevich & Bethany Coursen -19:44
2. Linda Kahn & Carol Mumford - 21:00

1. Nora Masler & Ben Colello - 17:19
2. Kathleen Gonzales & Connor Dowmund -19:04
3. Kwi Gallagher & Scott Ashley -19:10

1. Dan Murray & Jack Murray -23:00
2. Jim Callahan & Jock Lepburn -33:03

Crescent Lake Walk/Run 5k Rich Maynes
What a great turnout for our 10th Annual Crescent Lake 5K. We had 93 participants - 58 walkers and 35 runners. A new record! Thanks everyone. Matt Maynes came back after a 2 year absence to capture the men's title and Jamie Bell won the women's title for the 2nd year in a row. Apologies to Bob Mumford - we inadvertently forgot to identify him as the 70 & over age group winner after the race. Great job Bob. Special thanks to my co-sponsor, Kevin Brenker, Meg Maynes and Pete Murray for once again helping put on this great event.


High Above Crescent Lake

Here's some great video that was shot by Colleen Kaftan's Nephew earlier this summer  

Crescent Lake Water Quality

The quality water of Crescent Lake should be of utmost importance to all of us.
The Volunteer Lake Assessment Program periodically tests water quality in hundreds of lakes across New Hampshire. The volunteers work with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to provided residents with reports on lake health.
At Crescent Lake, Tim Perry, Stan Rastallis,  other CLA volunteers and a NHDES Biologist, measure and analyze the quality of our favorite body of water.
Thanks to all those who work to keep Crescent Lake as healthy as possible.
Read the 2019 Crescent Lake Water Quality Report

Read more about the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program